How we live our Mission: Metro White Glove’s Commitment to Sustainability


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At Metro White Glove, we love to share how we are living our mission each day. Our mission is to enhance lives through conscious action and sustainable business practices. Today, we’re sharing how we’re living our mission by sharing our sustainability initiatives. Metro White Glove has implemented three programs recently that we’d like to share with you.

Recycling Program

Furniture delivery involves a lot of packing materials including cardboard, wooden crate, blankets, foam, and tape. When thrown away through regular trash disposal, these materials can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Metro White Glove has a recycling program where we recycle cardboard and other packing materials on a weekly basis.

Optimizing Routes

The Metro team also eliminates extra fuel usage by optimizing our routes. For example, if there are multiple deliveries to an area in one day, we ensure that we do our best to schedule the deliveries so that they both work for each customer’s schedule and so we do as many deliveries while out on that route as we possibly can eliminate unnecessary fuel usage.

Clean Trucks Program

When we purchase new trucks for our fleet, we purchase trucks according to industry standards and with new, fuel-efficient technologies. We keep our trucks clean and use them to their life’s potential. However, when we need a new truck, we make sure we purchase a truck with the latest clean technology.

At Metro White Glove, we believe in leading by example and as we continue to research and discover ways we can optimize our operations and reduce our impact on the environment. By bringing our attention to how we’re impacting the environment, we continuously strive to improve all aspects of our business. We will keep you updated as we add more sustainability programs and enhancements.





Last modified: May 20, 2019

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