What is White Glove Delivery?


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At Metro White Glove, we are enthusiastic about how White Glove delivery makes moving furniture seamless, efficient, and enjoyable for our customers. While many furniture delivery experiences make customers uneasy due to lack of communication or poor service quality, Metro White Glove aims to solve these issues by providing an elevated experience that is still affordable. White Glove delivery is a level of service that stands above and apart from regular furniture delivery. How does it differ? Here are five ways White Glove delivery will make your moving experience easy and enjoyable.

 Your furniture is carefully carried into your space and placed in your desired location.

When your furniture arrives at your home or place of delivery, a professional team carries each item inside.

Your furniture is fully assembled and set-up.

After the item is placed inside, the team will complete the set-up of the item, including any assembly that needs to be done.

Your furniture is inspected carefully.

The team will inspect the item along with you to make sure the quality, assembly, and set-up are exemplary.

The team uses tools that make a difference.

The delivery team wears white gloves and booties on their feet to ensure that your furniture and place of delivery are left in pristine condition. The team also brings their own tools, specifically for your items, to set up and clean your furniture appropriately. 

The experience is executed by seasoned professionals, enthusiastic about making sure your delivery is seamless and effortless.

Most importantly, throughout the delivery, a professional team, experienced in a variety of delivery circumstances and requests, guides you through the process of making sure all items are safely transported and delivered to your desired location. The team will work with you, no matter how long it takes, to make sure your items are set up as you envision and the experience feels supported and seamless.

White Glove delivery is not just a delivery experience where the team wears white gloves (though they do wear white gloves to protect your precious items!). Ultimately, White Glove delivery offers an elevated delivery experience. While other delivery solutions may leave furniture outside for you to manage and set-up or provide insufficient communication pre and post-delivery, White Glove service aims to solve these issues so prevalent in our fast-paced, do-it-yourself delivery industry. Metropolitan’s delivery team is dedicated to White Glove services and enjoys supporting customers throughout the delivery to make sure customers find the experience easy and maybe even enjoyable. Whether you are looking for an easy, efficient delivery process or support with a more complex delivery situation, a White Glove service will ensure that you receive information through out the process, efficient transportation, and exemplary delivery service.

Last modified: May 20, 2019

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